Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's 2014!

I have many plans and goals for 2014.

1.  I am restarting Medifast today to lose the remaining 45 pounds to reach my goal weight.  I lost 22 pounds since July of 2012, but got off track when DH and I were married in September.  I also have a goal of exercising each day, even if it's only for 10 minutes.

2.  Stitchy goals include CCN Frosty Forest, which I just completed Block 2 last night, so right on track with this one!  I also aim to complete the CCN Santa's Village from last year, LHN Calendar Girls series, and the new Shepherd's Bush Fold series coming in February.  My client gave me a Christmas bonus of $250 just a few days ago, so I splurged on the purple shaker box to hold all of the smalls I will be stitching for this series.

3.  Read 50 books this year.  I am not sure how many I read last year, but nowhere near 50.  Maybe 20?  Aiming to read more this year as DH bought me a Kindle Paperwhite as part of my Christmas gifts.

4.  Write in my journal every day.  DH bought me a beautiful leather journal as part of my Christmas gifts with my initial embossed on the front.

5.  Complain less.

6.  Spend less time on Facebook and the Internet in general.  I will still blog and read blogs, but spending time on the Internet means less time for stitching, reading, and many other wonderful things.

If you have any goals/resolutions I wish you the best in accomplishing them.

Here are some pics of my most favorite Christmas gifts received this year:

Bobbin cabinet from Herrschners.   One of my goals is to be more diligent and organized with DMC and stop buying repeats of thread each time I start a project.

My Kindle Paperwhite.  The first pic is the cover and the next pic is the actual Kindle inside the cover.

My journal.

My mom made DH and I this beautiful candle holder using one of the pics from our wedding.  Mom has become quite crafty since she retired eight years ago!  She makes all sorts of things now. 

I also recently purchased some more needle minder magnets, this time Christmas ones.

And my Frosty Forest series so far!  Since I am using a Q-snap I am leaving the buttons and beads until the very end.  I use beads in place of French knots, so for this piece the beads are eyes on all of the forest animals.

And, finally, my first TUSAL post of 2014.  Not very much, as this is just threads from yesterday.

Until next time...

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  1. Beautiful gifts and the thread chest is lovely. There's nothing like being organised. FF looking good!