Tuesday, November 19, 2013


All Nora Corbett pixies:  Faerie Autumn Glow (and all floss and beads), Mermaid Azure, Buttercup, Tulip, and Faerie Spring Fling.  

The red book is a pattern holder that unsnaps and folds and stands on its own, and comes with three magnets.  Ellen from In Stitches had one at the retreat and I loved it.  It will fit right into My Needlework Necessaries box when not in use.  

Now just to wait (patiently!) for a few opalescent fabrics I won on Ebay to see which will be best for Faerie Autumn Glow!

And here is my progress on ABChristmas.  It is a shame the sparkles in the opalescent fabric are not picked up well by the picture.  It really is very sparkly.

Until next time...

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  1. Love your ABChristmas. What thread are you using? It looks a beautiful shade of green.