Monday, November 18, 2013

Back from the retreat!

The retreat this weekend was a blast.  I am already looking forward to next year's retreat.  The hosts of the retreat are considering having another retreat in March around the Woodlawn needlework exhibit.  I sure hope that happens!

Upon arriving we received a few goodies.

And I picked up a few hand-dyed fabrics on sale 50 percent off at the Montpelier needlework show.

And this is what I actually worked on at the retreat, A Mon Ami Pierre's ABChristmas pattern, using a green Needle Necessities variegated thread and an opalescent fabric.  Much more of the alphabet is done than you can see in the picture.  As I move along the pattern I move the Q-snap, and this is where it stands at the moment as I begin working on the S in Christmas. The picture does the fabric NO justice.  I had never worked on opalescent fabric before.  I am in love!  

And my new Kindle Fire case I bought off Ebay.  LOVE!  The circle in the middle allows the Kindle Fire to be rotated into portrait or landscape, and there are grooves on the inside that the Kindle Fire can rest on propped up.  Well worth $8.99.

Back to my normal life today.

Until next time...

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