Thursday, July 9, 2015


My husband likes to fondly call me Inspector Gadget, as in I own and/or have tried every stitching gadget known to man.  I recently purchased some new ones.  Now, at one time or another in my 25-year stitching career I have owned these items.  Then I get a bee in my bonnet about decluttering and simplifying and I either sell or give the items away, only to want them again months/years later, to which I purchase said items again.  Well, lesson learned!  Unless these items break or I use them up, I will not be getting rid of them and/or repurchasing.  Enough is enough!

First up, a frame weight.  I ordered this from Amy's Golden Strand, and Amy herself promptly e-mailed me and said they only had one weight left which had a photo insert where you could place a picture of a baby or pet.  With just having our beloved Mojo pass away I thought it would be very fitting, and I put a pic of him in there!

Next up, this origami ort holder I purchased on Etsy.  I really love this, as it will fold flat for traveling, but if this one gets messed up I am going to make my own, as I found a site on the Internet that gives clear instructions on making origami bowls, and I have plenty of scrapbook paper.

This is a magnetic board and stand for keeping your chart handy.

Here is a set of fabric snap trays.  They came as a set, so the big one for threads/scissors/needle threader, and the small one for orts, also purchased on Etsy.

This is a mini flat iron that you would use to straighten your hair, but that also works well for getting kinks out of some needlepoint threads that are wound around cards, like Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays.  Getting the kinks out helps the threads lay better.  I got this on eBay for only $7.50, and it comes with its own sparkly case!

This is a roll of one-inch artist's tape for taping the edges of needlepoint canvas.  And two packs of needles.  Because you can never have enough needles!

I also made a LARGE purchase last Friday, but am waiting for it to get here.  So, stay tuned!  And I started a new counted canvas piece, not the Color Delights ~ Aqua as I had originally planned, but another one.  So, as soon as I get the first section done I will post a pic of that also.

Until next time...


  1. Nice selection of gadgets.

  2. Great new collection :) I never thought of that for a flat iron. Unfortunately I don't currently own one so I can't test it but it's an interesting idea.

  3. Good tip about the flat iron!! And I love shopping on Etsy :) Can't wait to see your new start!!