Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A new start...and more gadgets...

Since finishing Americana I decided to go ahead and start Needle Delights Originals Tahiti.  I have wanted to stitch this one for a long time.  I am a BIG fan of drawing the pencil lines for each section.  Makes it so much easier, and I don't make mistakes!!  You can see on the bottom the pencil lines drawn for Section 5.  

In Saturday's mail I received my magnetic board to display my needle magnets.  I love it!!  The best thing about this is I can hang it on the wall.   Most magnetic boards are tabletop ones.

And I also received a new needle magnet in the mail.  Yes, I have a serious problem with these magnets.  I want them all!!  LOL.  But I am extremely partial to the ones made out of clay that weigh next to nothing.  

Until next time...


  1. I love your magnetic board. Where did you get it? I keep looking for boards with nice frames. The ones I keep finding are for offices and very ugly.

  2. I prefer the clay ones too. Your new one is pretty.

  3. Love your magnet board and magnets and your new one is very pretty....

  4. What a pretty new needle minder! Love your magnetic board! Where did you find both items?

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Love the new needle minder, that blue flower is so pretty!! And the new start is gorgeous!!