Thursday, May 28, 2015

Azalea Update & Organization

So, I have been obsessed lately, I will admit, with finding the perfect tote to house my current project.  I had thought I found it, until I got it today, and I don't like it.  Just too big and bulky.  I wanted something more compact.  So, I found the Hug Me bags.  Expensive!  But I liked the one they had for needlepoint/cross stitch.  But at $99. I went to search and found one on eBay that did not sell on May 10th and was only listed at $35!!!  I have sent a message to the seller asking if they still have it for sale, as no bids were received on it and it was not relisted.  Fingers crossed!

However, if I do get this tote, it will mean revamping totally how I organize my current project.  I will be using an 8-inch hoop instead of stretcher bars, which will mean leaving beading to the end, which I have never done.  Plus not using my little clear box and putting my thread on thread winders that I made myself that will hold six colors at once.  I am open to changing how I do things, though, if it means my search for a tote will come to an end!!

I will be sure to take pics of everything if this comes to fruition so you all can see what I am talking about!

I was able to get more done on Azalea.  Such bright colors! 

I am considering completing each stitch as I go instead of doing the leg of all of the stitches and then coming back to complete the X.  It seems as if my stitches will be neater that way.  Do any of you see a difference from one method to the other?  


  1. I personally don't notice a difference in my stitching when I cross each x as I go but whatever works for you go for it. I found railroading my stitches made a big difference but it took a lot of getting used to. And the fabric and thread colors on Azalea are gorgeous!! I hope you get your tote :)

  2. Nice progress on Azalea! Good luck in your quest for finding a tote for your project.

    Robin in Virginia