Monday, August 25, 2014

Be Merry/Be Jolly

My newest scrapbook page, Lizzie Kate's Be Blox ornaments kit, Be Merry/Be Jolly.  

I am working on another Halloween piece and I should be done that one hopefully this week, so stay tuned!

Until next time...


  1. Another beautiful finish! Have you ever tried scrapbooking with fabric instead of the perforated paper?

    1. I have tried scrapbooking with fabric and I am not able to get the edges neat enough. The fabric always seems to fray. Plus I like the fact that perforated paper does not give as much as fabric does while I am stitching, so my stitches are neater on the paper.

    2. I might have to hunt down some perforated paper and give stitching on paper a try. Thanks for the info!