Sunday, May 25, 2014

I painted a frame! And more birthday gifts!

Last night the Hubs and I went to my dad's to celebrate my birthday with him and my Stepmother.  They gave me this awesome Coach purse (my first!) and this beautiful Franz teacup I wanted.  Oh, I may have to start collecting those!  

And I painted my perforated paper and frame today for Needle Delights Originals Color Delights Lemon.  I could not capture the sparkles in the frame correctly, but trust me that it is way sparkly.  I could not find a glitter yellow spray paint, so I purchased yellow spray paint and extra fine yellow glitter and while the paint was wet I just sprinkled it on.  And as far as the white square in the middle of the perforated paper, I only needed about a 1/8 inch around the outside yellow to match the frame, so I did not figure I needed to paint the entire piece of paper.  I will hopefully be starting Lemon tonight, so stay tuned for a pic!

Until next time...


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU! WOW your gifts are BEAUTIFUL!! Hubby did very good:) Your handbag is fantastic and the tea cup set is STUNNING!
    love Annette

  2. I love your new purse and that tea cup is beautiful!

  3. First let me wish you a very Happy Birthday! Your gifts are so beautiful! I'm so sorry I haven't visited before now!! LOVE the frame you painted, you are so courageous...I really need to get a little more brave...or maybe you could teach me your technique? LOVE the counted canvas you are working on, some of my favorite colors! Can't wait to see more of your progress!