Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vera Bradley Bag Review...and Progress!

I received the Vera Bradley Two Way Tote in today's mail.  I love this bag!  My current project fits better in this one than in the laptop tote, and the inside has a zippered pocket which I put my box of bobbins in and then there are a few other smaller pockets on the inside where I put my Tacky Bob, extra needles, scissors, and Kreinik for this project.  I have some books sitting in the bag now to get creases out of it, as it was folded up for shipping.  The pattern is called Ribbons and was designed to support breast cancer research, hence all of the pink!

Now, when a project calls for beads, which, let's face it, nearly every Mirabilia or Nora Corbett pattern does, I like to use a Tacky Bob, where it looks like a CD cover and the inside is sticky so you can pour your beads on it and they will not move until you put them on your needle.

Now, I pour all of the required beads in the Tacky Bob when I start a project, as you can see by the picture, and then I label the pattern key next to the beads with what color they are, like light green, dark green, et cetera.  I cannot stand storing bead packs in my project bag and having them make a sound like someone shaking a box of Tic Tacs every time I pick the bag up and move it.  Yes, another one of my idiosyncracies!  LOL.  With the Tacky Bob, quiet as a mouse.  I do not save leftover beads, so when a project is complete I just scrape any leftovers into the trash. 

My job today was shorter than expected so I was able to stitch more on Faerie Summer Love.

Random Tidbits:

1.  I am loving the show Mad Men right now.  Catching up on Netflix.  I am currently on Season 5.

2.  I am reading Panic by Lauren Oliver right now, which apparently is being made into a movie.  Should be interesting.

3.  I am sitting here wondering why my arms are aching and I realized it's because I did Just Dance 2014 on the Nintendo Wii today for 20 minutes!  It kicks my butt every time!!!

4.  I am so glad I finally changed the flag on our flag pole on the deck.  It still had an autumn flag and with all of the snow this winter it had torn and caught itself on the top of the flag pole, and was just a mess. I saw this every time I let the dogs outside. 

5.  I love bananas and eat them every day, but I do not like banana candy or cake or anything else banana-flavored.


  1. Love your new bag!
    Great way to travel and stitch :o)
    And I really love your tacky bob idea for beading!
    I am so going to do this :o)

  2. Beautiful new tote. Thank you sharing about Tacky BOB. Good stitching progress!
    love Annette

  3. Fantastic new bag, wish we could get them here in the UK. I'm so with you on the banana thing, love them but can't stand anything banana flavoured, it's the same with cherries! Strange but true!