Thursday, March 6, 2014


I started Red by Mirabilia last week.  After going back and forth on what to put it on, scroll rods, Q-snaps, whatnot, I decided to use an 8 by 8 Q-snap.  Easiest to hold for me and fits nicely in my Vera Bradley laptop bag that I use for my current stitching project.

I decided to sub out the beads for Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid, as I have done this before for Fairy Moon and Titania with good results.  The Petite Braid shipped today, so hope to receive it on Saturday!

And I wound all of my DMC for this project on the Nimble Needle thread cards.  I really love these cards.  But I have been racking my brain on how to store them both in my craft closet for future projects and for my current project.  

In my craft closet I purchased some of the Linus Deep Drawer Organizers from The Container Store, and they should be here today, so I hope they work.  I purchased the one that is 12 inches long, as eventually I want to have the entire set of DMC stored in these.  I want the cards standing upright, as I write the numbers on the top right-hand side of the cards.  These cards are too big to store them in my wooden floss cabinet, so I just have stitching supplies in there right now.

Now, for storage for my current project, this one has perplexed me.  Sometimes I make something way more complicated than it needs to be, but that is just me.  I have to figure out the perfect way, something that keeps the thread organized, but yet fits nicely in my Vera Bradley bag.  

I had found this basket initially, and I am still using it right now, but it is bulky to put in my Vera Bradley bag.  This used to hold my face wash and stuff, so at least it was something I already had.

 But I went searching on Etsy yesterday and found this:

Um, yeah, I really LOVE this!!!!!  I did e-mail the seller and ask how big were the ziploc pockets, and I gave her the measurements of the thread cards.  And I also asked if the pockets were not big enough if they could custom make me one like this.  They have not responded yet, but I am hopeful!

Random Tidbits:

1.  Just figured out the off-peak hours for my electric company, so switched to doing laundry and running the dishwasher during those hours, as I do both of those chores every single day.  So, hope to save some dollars, to spend on cross stitch, of course!!  LOL.

2.  For any of you who have a flat top stove, don't buy those expensive cleaners especially made to clean the top.  I found using Easy-Off Oven Cleaner and a Magic Eraser to do the trick, and at a much cheaper price, and a can of oven cleaner will last forever.  

Until next time...



  1. Beautiful stitching, love the colors ♥

  2. Gah. Never even thought of figuring out off peak hours! Especially since I can set my appliances to delay. Lol

  3. Beautiful stitching, it seems such a dramatic piece.

  4. Great start on red, I'm excited to see how the braid looks instead of the beads.

  5. I love Red and the fabric you have chosen looks nice.