Sunday, March 9, 2014


You may be asking yourself, what is that a picture of?  That, my stitching friends, is all of the supplies to prepare and start my next project, Nora Corbett's Faerie Summer Love.  Your next question probably is, well, didn't you just start Red, like a week ago?  YES.  

This past week I have struggled with stitching, in the sense of organization, which has always been an issue for me it seems.  When I say I have tried every scroll rod, stretcher bar, Q-snap, and everything else that goes along with it, including needlework stands, I am not exaggerating.  I have also tried every thread organization system that has ever been invented, seriously.  

And the reality of a few things have hit me.  Concerning thread organization I need something portable, as I frequent stitch nights and retreats a few times a year, and I also carry my stuff from room to room in my house and stitch everywhere.  I did purchase that thread organizer I put in my last post, the one with the ziploc type bags.  That will hold bobbins and scissors and whatnot very nicely in my Vera Bradley bag.

Which brings me to how to organize the threads.  As you know from a previous post I have been using the Nimble Needle cards.  These cards are big, like 3 inches by 4 inches.  So, I decided to purchase plastic bobbins and use tape to secure the DMC number label on them.  Bobbins are small and portable and still keep everything organized and neat.

Now, how to secure my fabric?  I have never gotten the hang of in-hand stitching.  I have tried Q-snaps numerous times, thinking each time is going to be different.  I have never gotten the hang of exactly how to hold it, and my left hand starts to ache after a while.  I had a Stitch Mate stand a while ago and had my project on scroll rods, which worked wonderfully, but not good for portability.  And I have come to the conclusion that I like to see the ENTIRE project when stitching it.  I don't want to move around a Q-snap or a hoop to get to another section.  I am sure I am not alone in this.

Which brings me to attaching my fabric to mini stretcher bars.  Now, the mini stretcher bars are extremely light versus standard stretcher bars, and also are smaller, hence, mini, only being one-half inch wide.  I stretch the fabric and tack it to the back.  I can hold stretcher bars with no problem.  I did it for three counted canvas projects just this year.  And I do have a Grip-It needlework stand which holds stretcher bars wonderfully if I should ever want to do that while stitching at home.  

The largest stretcher bar which I can hold comfortably and fit in my Vera Bradley bag is 12 by 12, which holds the fabric necessary for a Nora Corbett pixie very, very nicely, hence me starting Faerie Summer Love on 32 count Jobelan in Summer Sky.

I put all of this out there full well knowing that some of you will think I am completely off my rocker and many, many other thoughts.  Trust me in that no one out there can think I am more crazy than I myself think I am.  But I have to be hopeful that I am reaching a solution in these areas, given I have tried everything.  But I do feel very alone in this, meaning every other stitcher seems to pretty much have their system down pat, and after 20 some years of stitching I would think I would as well, but maybe many of you just keep those details to yourself, and not put it on your blog.  

But I also know this, I am human, I am a constant work in progress, as we are all.  And maybe I can think of it this way, all of the countless dollars spent on stitching items, projects, gadgets, all of the stuff that hasn't worked out, well, it's been keeping the stitching economy going, supporting needlework stores, and also gaining experience and knowledge for other stitchers out there, because I will give an honest opinion about something I've tried, trust me, so if anyone has a question, I am sure I can probably say I've been there and done that.  LOL.

Another area I have struggled with for a while now is eating and weight.  Last year I did Medifast and lost 25 pounds, but it was a difficult program to be on.  I tried to go back on it this past week and it just was not the same as before.  I struggled, was hungry, and thought this is such nonsense.  I have to figure out how to eat healthy.  I want to lose 40 more pounds, or at least 25 more, but even more than that I just want to feel better and not always bloated and just blah, you know?  And I think, boy, life is too short to be occupied with all of these thoughts in my head all the time.  I just need to let these issues go and make better choices.  Breathe.  Relax.  Realize it is okay to have things in moderation.  Like one scoop of ice cream and not three.  Like one biscuit and not three.  Like three cookies and not ten.  

Some random tidbits:

1.  My bank card was hacked on Saturday morning and $55 was taken out by someone at Western Union.  Lovely.  Luckily I check our bank account daily and caught this right away.  But, ugh.  Is God trying to tell me I do too much online shopping?

2.  I lately have become obsessed with finding a teacup and saucer to drink my coffee out of.  Maybe it is the influence of Downton Abbey or I just like the colorful and pretty ones I have seen.  Well, DH and I were out running errands yesterday and went in this bird store that had the most beautiful teacup and saucer sets.  They looked like flowers.  No prices listed, and the store was busy, so we walked out, but I noticed a tag that had Kathy Ireland's picture, you know the supermodel?  So, I thought to myself, okay, I will just look them up online when I get home.  Oh, goodness!  The cheapest set was $100!!!!  And that was for ONE teacup and saucer!  

3.  Interested to see that the book The Giver by Lois Lowry is being made into a movie coming out this summer.  SD read it in school last year, and I actually read it along with her and really liked the book.  

4.  Interested also to see the premiere of The Resurrection on TV tonight.  Will they do the book The Returned by Jason Mott, which this series is based off of, justice?  

5.  I love hummus.  Like seriously.  Eat it on almost anything I can.  

6.  Can I just say I hate the word "selfie"?  I don't know why.  I just cringe when I hear it.  I heard that kids were passing on lice in schools from taking selfies together.  Fantastic.

7.  So glad that Grey's Anatomy and Scandal are back on with new shows.  And The Good Wife is also coming back.  

Until next time...


  1. love to see this beautiful chart grow, love your picture ♥

  2. I loved reading this post because where I live there are no needlework shops and if it weren't for your trying new things I probably would never have heard of these things. And I think the picture was neat to see of your starting process!

  3. There was a book called Resurrection?? Who was the author? I watched it last night and thought it was pretty good!