Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bead Buddy

I received a few new gadgets in the mail yesterday.  

First, a fabric ort container, for putting those bits of thread in when you get to the end and can't do one more stitch.  I love that this will fold up and fit in my pencil case, and it will sit very easily on the arm of a sofa/chair or on a desk.  This was only $6 on Etsy. 

Next, two more magnets.  I just loved the dress and shoe set.  The bead buddy is my favorite, however!  This item is magnificent!  You place it on your fabric and just bead away!  It has sticky stuff in the bottom just like a Tacky Bob, so it will hold the beads securely.  And I turned my stretcher bars over with this attached and NO beads came out!!!  And it is very lightweight, so my fabric does not feel weighed down.  It comes with a plastic lid that just snaps on.  

I have been continuing to work steadily on Faerie Summer Love.  Making great progress!!  I am looking forward to finishing up the bottom so I can move to the top of the piece.  

Until next time...


  1. LOL... My bead buddy is a piece of tape wrapped around my finger. Lovely progress on your green faerie.

  2. Beautiful progress on your faerie project.

  3. Faerie Summer is gorgeous with all those greens and the pretty beads. Love your darling ort bag and mini Bead holder. Now I am going to look on etsy:)
    love Annette

  4. I love the Bead holder too. Could you share the Etsy shop? I looked and couldn't find it.

  5. Oohh where did you get Bead Buddy? I need that. I always end up with beads everywhere.