Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Fresh Start!

After a few months hiatus I decided to start a stitching blog again, but wanted a new name and new look, and Stitcherista was born!  In the time I have been away I have gotten married and lost 26 pounds!

I have also started to follow all of your blogs again, so look for my comments on your wonderful stitching!

Yesterday I started Little House Needleworks Home Is Where The Sunflowers Grow, using the recommended threads and Weeks Dye Works 35 count Dove linen, 1 thread over two.

I do not have a digital camera at the moment, so am taking pics with my iPhone, but I have a camera on my Christmas Wish List, so if I continue to be good I am hoping Santa will bring me a new one!

My stitching station as of late.  I love this container/clipboard!

Recently I completed two Brooke's Books Publishing fairies/angels, Pinky The Peppermint Fairy and the Christmas Baking Angel.  

And I received new glasses, which I love.  

Until next time...

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  1. Yeah, she's back! Congrats on ALL your accomplishments, good for you! I love your fairy/angel and I'm wondering if I have baking angel already - I really like that one. I think we need a stitching gathering...

  2. Wooooo Hooooooo! So happy to see you back, Danielle! Although we've missed you, it sounds like your time away was filled with wonderful things! Congratulations!

  3. Welcome back Danielle! Congratulations on your wedding and your weight loss.

    Lovely stitching :). Looking forward to seeing more of the LHN.

  4. Congratulations on your marriage!!

  5. Welcome back Danielle. Beautiful stitching. Looking forward to following your blog in the future. Huge congratulations on your marriage and your weight loss.