Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New stuff...and an update!

I have been working steadily on Alice.  

I joined Down Sunshine Lane's Needle Minder of the Month club and this is the first one I received a few days ago.

I also purchased the new Kindle Oasis that came out a little while ago.  It is very different than my other Kindle, the Paperwhite.  I can fit this one in my purse, which I love.

Bothy Threads, the company that made the Alice In Wonderland kit, just released two more in the Fairy Tales series, Snow White and Cinderella.  I will be adding these to my collection!

I also found this new product to do your nails.  I purchased the starter set.  I have to try this!  They key for me is how long before it chips?  I do a lot with my hands, working on the computer, housework.  I currently do my own gel nails at home, and it lasts normally up to two weeks, but it is very time consuming to do it.

Spray Perfect Nails 

I will let you know what I think when I get the kit and try it out!
Until next time... 


  1. You have made good progress on Alice. Your needle minder is darling. Enjoy your new Kindle.

  2. Awesome progress!! That needle minder is so cute!! I didn't know anyone did a needle minder club!

  3. Alice looks great! She has a dress! I will have to be getting that Cinderella kit for sure...maybe Snow White too!

  4. Great new designs and nice progress! I'm interested to see how well the nail polish works

  5. Alice is looking good, nice progress you have made on it