Thursday, April 7, 2016

I am in love with AC Moore!

Hmm, I see it has already been two weeks since I last posted.  LOL.

I have been working on Nora Corbett's Berry Collector pixie and have gotten quite a bit done for only a week or so.  I am stitching it on a Polstitches Jobelan fabric.  I just do not remember what color!

I had a dentist appointment this morning, just a routine teeth cleaning, and so I decided to go to AC Moore afterwards.  See the stems at the bottom of the piece above?  In the pattern they are curved.  However, I find it difficult to do that with DMC, so I bought some DMC Memory Thread to try out.  Since it is covered copper wire, you can bend it any way you want.  So, stay tuned for that pic!  Here is the color wire I got.  And they only had ONE left of this color, so I was thankful I was able to get it.

Well, as I was making my way to where the DMC is I spotted a great bag for carrying projects to Stitch Night or a retreat.  Now, Vera Bradley makes one like this, but the one at AC Moore is bigger, and for only $12.99, what a great deal!  They had many different designs.  I just liked this one the most.

I also picked up these casual shoes.  I have been looking for a pair forever, and these caught my eye, and for only $5.00 how could I not get them?  And they actually fit and are comfortable.  I am someone who only has tennis shoes, boots, or dress shoes, nothing in between.  I think these will fit the bill!

So, all in all, a good shopping trip.  It's funny that I seem to find things, like the shoes and the bag, when I am NOT actively looking for them.  

And I am currently reading a great psychological thriller book, Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon.  If you like that kind of book, you should definitely check it out!

Until next time...



  1. Pretty stitching and great finds, Danielle. Love the project bag. We don't have AC Moore's around here, that I'm aware.

  2. Great buys!! I literally just saw your wip picture on facebook and didn't realize it was you. I was thinking to myself I really hope I notice the update picture so I can see how those stems turn out and now I know I will definitely not miss them on here :)