Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bothy Threads

Oh, boy, do I love the Bothy Threads Fairy Tales kits!  And I have not stitched on Aida in ages, but the Aida that comes in these kits is wonderful, and I find counting to be easier on the Aida also.  

This is my progress on Alice In Wonderland.  These kits suggest using three strands of black.  It covers wonderfully.  I now own six of these kits!  I plan on slowly adding them all to my collection.  

They just came out with three more.  I especially love the Mermaid Cove and Dragon Castle ones.  
You would think I would get tired of stitching all black, but it is surprisingly soothing and non-taxing on my brain after a long day of work.  And it is great to step back and see the picture come to life.

Here is a pic of the Beauty and the Beast kit.  Isn't that fabric great?

The one issue I did have is with the metallic thread they include in some of the kits.  You can see it in the pic of the kit above.  Too thin and fiddly for me.  So I purchased some cards of Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid and will use that.

The rest of the kits are on their way from HixxySoft Etsy store.  The best service ever!  They ship the same day I order them and I get them in about 5 business days.  Not bad for coming from the UK. 

Until next time...


  1. Wow gorgeous start! I definitely need to get me some

  2. Awesome progress!! It looks great! Going to check out that etsy shop now you enabler!! haha