Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My stitchy slump...

Well, if any of you have read my blog before, you are familiar with my spending issue, meaning overspending on needlework, et cetera.  Mainly needlework, but I have also been obsessed with makeup, Longaberger baskets, and many other things over the years.  I have had this issue as long as I can remember.  And really, I'm tired of it.  It is seriously time to kick this issue to the curb once and for all.  So, I downloaded a Kindle book called To Buy Or Not To Buy by April Lane Benson.  I am determined to get to the root of all of it.  I am not too far into the book, but she has exercises and journaling prompts that I am hopeful will help me understand why I have this problem and have had it for so long.  Because I do feel I am a good person.  I will check in here from time to time and let you all know how I am doing with it.

As far as my stitchy slump, I have not stitched much in the past two weeks.  Everything I have started I have not liked.  A few things that have had to hit me over the head concerning stitching I now know are true is:  I do not like stitching on Weeks Dye Works fabric.  I don't know why it has taken me purchasing many projects that call for this fabric and buying said fabric and then starting to stitch and hating the fabric.  The weave is too loose for me.  Second, Mirabilia patterns.  While in the beginning of my stitchy career I did stitch many of these patterns, and while I think they are beautiful, they do not fit me anymore.  I do not want a project that has 50 skeins of DMC, 10 packs of Mill Hill Beads.  And Q-snaps are too heavy for me to hold.  You do not even know how many times I have bought Q-snaps over and over thinking that this time will be different, only to sell it, give it away, or throw it away, which I have done a time or two, to the collective gasp of the stitching community, I am sure.  

For me, Jobelan is my all-time favorite fabric.  And attaching my fabric to mini stretcher bars is wonderful.  They are light and the entire project is available to me, so I have no problem adding beads or buttons as I go along.

I think what is so attractive about Mirabilia is when stitched the patterns are so breathtakingly beautiful, and that's what I want.  When I am finished with a project I want it to be stunning.  But let's face it, isn't ANYTHING that is stitched, when finished and/or framed, stunning?  I look at all the models at my LNS and just ooh and ahh all the time over them.

And am I the only one who looks at their own stitching and feels the stitches are not neat and so messy, while everyone else's either on their blog or on Facebook looks positively neat and perfect?  I think I need to cut myself some slack on this one.  Because once a project is framed and on the wall, all of the stitches look neat.  

So, today I am starting Lizzie Kate's Little Mystery Sampler.  I am intrigued that she does not even provide a picture of the finished piece in with the pattern, so you do not see what it looks like until you have stitched it. 

And for those who read out there, RUN and get Sophie Hannah's Woman With A Secret.  WOW!!!  I think it is the best book I have read all year.  And I am not even done, but boy does it suck you in! 

Until next time...


  1. I hope you find something that works well for you! I hate stitching with a qsnap I can't wait until I can unpack my scroll rods again. And I don't have a fabric preference yet I think I'm leaning towards DMC.

  2. I think all stitchers think their work is not as good as another persons, we really do give ourselves a hard time.
    Enjoy the L:K mystery stitch project.

  3. I agree with Julie, we all in some way thing our stitching is not as good as someone elses. Either their stitches are neater, they have a nicer back, they stitch much faster,... I think we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and just enjoy the process. It is why we do it, isn't it?
    I personally fine Q-snaps heavy as well, I only use the smaller ones for when I'm stitching away from home or its a small project. I much prefer my scroll rod lap frame.

  4. I love your stitching! You are the person whose stitching I always think looks nicer than mine :) And I am definitely a spender rather than a saver so I am interested to hear how you get along with that book you are reading. And thanks for the book recommendation, I will keep an eye out for it!

  5. First of all I have to say, you sound like me!! I cannot tell you how many things I start to stitch and then don't like! I have lots of hand dyed fabrics and I rarely use them because I either feel bad cutting into such a pretty piece, or I don't know for sure how the finished design will look on that fabric! I never think my stitching looks that great either. I HATE when people photograph the back of their piece and post it. That is just ridiculous to me!!

    I myself don't care for the mystery pieces until someone reveals their finished piece ... then I decide if I like it enough to buy! LOL

    I am interested in what the mini stretcher bars are? I have been having wrist/shoulder trouble and wonder if its from the weight of the Qsnaps.

  6. I'm a collector too, but I've made myself really think about something I'd like to purchase before I buy it. It's hard sometimes, but I find with everything I already have, I'm not missing anything.

    It's easy to be critical about your own work, but just look at it from afar and enjoy!

  7. Im going to check that book out. Anything to help get the habit under control

  8. Im going to check that book out. Anything to help get the habit under control