Monday, June 29, 2015

More Americana

I have been slowly but surely working on Americana.  

I also have been reading.  Faithful Place by Tana French.  Very good!  I am almost finished.

I made some gadget purchases recently.  This beautiful needle case from Down Sunshine Lane.  The lid is handmade from clay.  

And these Needle Grip-It patches.  A godsend when doing needlepoint.

And a metal needle threader.  I broke one of those thin wire ones this weekend.  In my opinion the thin wire ones are only sufficient for threading a beading needle.

And another set of needle magnets.  I have a serious addiction to these.  This time it's a beehive and two bees!

And a lesson learned this weekend.  Sometimes it takes something being pointed out to me many, many times before I catch on.  I will NEVER sell anything stitching related ever again on eBay.  There have been so many times that I have put something up for auction and it goes for a mere fraction of what I paid.  Now, I realize it is partially my fault for not starting the minimum bid at a higher price, but how is it that whenever I try to bid on something stitching related it skyrockets???  Something I paid $92 for as a kit sold for $12.50.  I wanted to cry.  But like I said, lesson seriously learned.  I would rather donate items to charity or give it to someone.

Until next time... 


  1. Beautiful needlecase and magnets. Great stitching too.

  2. I absolutely love the needlecase you purchased. And those bee magnets, so cute! Great progress on Americana!! And that is maddening that all you got was $12.50 :(

  3. Post your sale stuff here on your blog!! I am sure many of us would be interested in buying! The Americana piece looks amazing! Great colors!

  4. What cute needle magnets (the bees and the beehive)! Americana is looking good. I second that about selling it on your blog. You might get more takers.

    Robin in Virginia