Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project Envelope Bags and Almost Done!

I am almost finished with Faerie Summer Love.  Only two small wing sections to go!  I hope to have a finish by the end of Monday.

In today's mail I received two project envelope bags I had custom made from a seller on Etsy.  Ann is wonderful!  Click here to visit her Etsy store.  You can see Summer Love peeking out of the top of the first bag.  I had these custom made to fit two sizes of stretcher bars.  They close via Velcro and keep your project protected! 

The first is a Boho Blossom fabric that I just love.

The second is a pink and brown polka dot pattern.  I love how she put the reverse of the polka dots for the inside of the bag.

Until next time...


  1. Those project bags are cute, I like the fabric you chose.

  2. Your Faerie looks lovely. Great progress.
    Love the project bags - what a great idea. Much better than an old pillow case which is what I use!!!
    Love the pic of you stitching with your puppy in a previous post!! :)