Monday, March 10, 2014

Floss Organization

Well, I received the organizer I purchased off of eBay.  It is disappointing.  The ziploc bags inside are very flimsy.  While they do hold the bobbins, once they are all in the case, the case is very bulky.  Two thumbs down from me.  

So, I still needed something to organize the bobbins for my current project neatly and in numerical order, and something that would fit in my Vera Bradley bag.  My friend, Jill, mentioned to me today that she was going to use an old cell phone box to hold her bobbins.  And I remembered I had my iPhone box.  I pulled it out, and the bobbins fit perfectly!!!  

I wanted to find a way to cover the lid of the box, as it said iPhone and had a picture of an iPhone on it.  Jill said she may cover hers with scrapbook paper, but I had none handy, so I covered it with wrapping paper.  And voila!

I figure if the paper rips or becomes torn I can just rewrap it with more wrapping paper or get some scrapbook paper, as they have some very pretty ones available.  

I should receive the new Vera Bradley bag on Wednesday, so stay tuned for pics!

Until next time...

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