Thursday, February 6, 2014

Progress...and some gadgets

I have been working the past few days on Floral Star by From Nancy's Needle.  Really loving her stuff!

I also ordered a few things to make my stitching experience more enjoyable.  DH likes to call me Inspector Gadget, and starts humming the theme song when I come in the room with all of my stitching supplies.  I wear that title proudly!!

At the retreat in November last year I received this wonderful pencil case and I began keeping all of my supplies for my current project in it.  Here you can see it open and closed.

 It has gotten a bit crowded as of late and I find myself digging for things repeatedly, so I went online this morning in search of something just a big bigger, and I found this.  Ladies, do you remember Caboodles?  I had a big one for all of my makeup as a teenager.  I especially liked how the ad on Etsy called this "vintage."  LOL.  My favorite part of this?  The double decker shelves!  I figure I can put my scissors, highlighter, needle threader, and spare needles on the top and all of my threads on the bottom.  I can't wait to receive this!

And while working on counted canvas projects I find myself using a spare needle to hold a spot so I know where to stop at a particular place on the canvas, so off I went in search of canvas pegs, and found these.  So pretty!

And I have been using a needle threader since working on counted canvas projects, especially for those fiddly metallic threads.  But I kept finding myself misplacing this tiny piece of metal, and then while at Stitch Night a few weeks ago I saw that someone had tied a piece of yarn in the hole in the middle.  Eureka!  Now I see what that hole is for!  So, I tied a piece of scrap Caron Collection Watercolours and I have not lost it since.

Until next time...


  1. Floral Star is looking very pretty!!! I'm a pack rat too when it comes to storing things in pencil-like boxes. I always kept the different sized plastic boxes of ferrero rocher italian chocolate hazelnut candy that my parents got every year for Christmas. The clear plastic made it nice to store things. I too have that same needle threader for my one crewel/embroidery WIP. What a nifty idea to keep from losing it on the floor!!!

  2. A beautiful start on Floral Star.

  3. You can now slip that threader onto your scissors' finger hole with a lark's head attachment.